Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Global Warming is a Hoax, see why...

I have been aware of the fact that Global warming was a deception since long while back, but was wondering how to expose this myth. Well, how ironic? To prove a lie as a lie...

But that's how the world operates, lots of lies, deceptions & secret agendas. On the surface, all seems to be plain simple: Politics - US, Iraq, China, India, Global issues - Global warming, Economic recession & turmoil, Oil crisis, world wars... but nothing happens by chance, it's all very well planned & executed in a way that raises no suspicion. Social engineering is not a myth. But let me now come to the point vis-a-vis Global warming:

Here it is. A couple of videos that explain or at least go near on explaining why Global warming is an eye-wash, how it originated, what hidden agendas promote this theory plus a few resources. But this is not the complete story, just a small part of it.
Important: I encourage you to carry your own research on the subject & find the truth yourself.

Other Resources:
Another YouTube Video

PS: It doesn't mean that natural disasters & catastrophes will cease to happen, in fact they are becoming more & more rampant. But this is being caused by forces beyond the power of humans, something that is much more serious a topic than this. But, it would be very helpful if many of you people first learn about the global warming hoax for now, confirm it with your own research & hopefully take action accordingly.
Don't be like sheep: observe, learn, see the conspiracy...

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