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Global Warming, The Real Reason

Global Warming, The Real Reason

Many people like to believe that Global Warming, which is rising the number of natural disasters on our planet to unprecedented levels, is a result of we humans, our polluting civilization and the resulting green house gases. And this was and is being acknowledged by many scientists and scientific organizations. But who are these scientists and organizations. Has anyone done any scrutiny on this subject? I guess no. Since, we are all too busy with our mundane tasks & the fast-paced lives that we live, we simply ignore the details, we just accept whatever is being told to us by our governments, news channels and other media.

Can you imagine the cost that third world - under developed and developing countries need to pay to conform to the various international norms which place limits on carbon and other green house gas emissions, and to use alternative 'green' sources of energy for their progress. Let me straight away declare, or reveal: Global warming i.e., 'Global warming caused by humans & green house gases' is a huge lie, it is part of a hidden agenda. But I shall limit myself here to just explaining the real reason behind global warming, the rest of the story would follow later.

Okay, first of all, it is not 'Global Warming', rather it should be called 'Solar warming'. Which simply means, all the warming that is happening here on Earth, is primarily being caused by abnormal changes in the Sun. If you watched those videos in my last post, you would already be partially aware of this fact: That the Sun goes through what is known as a 'sunspot cycle'. Sunspots are magnetic storms that form on the sun's surface, which vary in shape and size and are temporary.

There is an alternating period of approx. 11 years, wherein in one 11 year period, there would be more sunspot occurrences, in the other, there would be fewer occurrences of these sunspots. It has been found (and illustrated in those videos) that a solar maximum corresponds to more sunspots, and during this 11 year period of increased sunspot activity, temperatures here on Earth are warmer, while during the other 11 year period, the Earth has been found to be correspondingly cooler. The next new cycle should have already started last year or early this year.

Now, what do I mean by Solar warming? Simply that temperatures in all planets of this solar system are increasing, the climate in most or all planets is undergoing major changes triggered by the Sun & 'changes going on within Sun'.
The hitherto unprecedented climatic changes, currently affecting several millions on Earth, are ultimately part of a much greater, mysterious transformation that is unfolding in the central Sun, a number of other planets and most of their satellites… throughout the solar system.

Some quick facts:

Sun: Witnessed increased activity since 1940, significantly greater than in the last 1150 years before that

Mercury: Polar ice discovered, along with a surprisingly strong intrinsic magnetic field… for a so-called 'dead' planet

Venus: has undergone substantial atmospheric changes in less than 30 years and 2500% increase in auroral brightness

Earth: Global warming, great geophysical changes

Mars: Global Warming, huge storms, polar icecaps have dissapeared!

Jupiter: Warming reported, surrounding plasma clouds have increased over 200% in brightness

Saturn: Major decrease in equatorial jet stream velocities in less than 20 years, plus a surprising surge of X-rays from equator

Uranus: Great increase in brightness, global cloud activity has increased

Neptune: Atmospheric brightness has increased by 40%

Pluto: Atmospheric pressure has increased by 300%, even as Pluto recedes farther from the Sun

This information is from a variety of highly credible institutions (including NASA). These are not from fringe scientists or from politically motivated or remote controlled scientists or media. In fact, you wont find a mention of such things in the mainstream media at all. That's a fact.

To summarize, the Sun is undergoing massive changes. Something is happening at the center our solar system, the Sun, that is driving all the above said changes. Scientists have predicted much greater sunspot activity this time around. There is this looming feeling that something is coming to an end, to give way for something new & much better. In this post, I have explained (or to be correct, tried to explain) what is really causing Global warming here on Earth. That it is in fact a solar warming.
I shall post later on the question as to why the entire solar system is warming up. Now, all that I can say is this: there is a mysterious external influence on our Sun, which is what is causing Global Warming and climate change that we see here on Earth.
I know I'm abruptly finishing off this post with a couple of videos, but I shall continue in subsequent postings, as soon as possible.

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